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Maintaining optimal functionality of grease interceptors is imperative for large-scale foodservice businesses. These substantial plumbing devices play a crucial role in intercepting wastewater originating from kitchen sinks or dishwashers. By filtering out fats, oils, and grease (FOG), they prevent these substances from entering plumbing systems, septic fields, and wastewater treatment facilities. Grease interceptors operate on the principle of density, with greases being less dense than water and consequently floating on its surface. These devices efficiently capture and collect FOG and solids, ensuring the smooth operation of your establishment.

Grease Traps Vs Grease Interceptors

It is essential to understand the distinction between grease interceptors and grease traps, particularly concerning their handling capacities. Grease traps can manage water flow rates of less than 50 gallons per minute, catering to smaller establishments. In contrast, grease interceptors are specifically designed for larger establishments that discharge a higher volume of wastewater. Grease interceptors can handle more than 50 gallons of water flow per minute, maintaining their effectiveness even under substantial demand.

Importance of Timely Maintenance

Efficient operation of grease interceptors hinges upon proper maintenance and regular cleaning. Failure to remove FOG from the interceptor promptly can lead to sewer line blockages and overflows within your establishment. If these substances infiltrate the city drainage system, they can cause significant clogs and eventual system failure. Consequently, municipal authorities across the USA mandate the installation of grease interceptors (or grease traps for smaller establishments) in all commercial kitchens. Timely cleaning is equally vital; neglecting this responsibility may render you liable for damages incurred by other businesses or residences in the city due to obstruction. Non-compliance can result in citations and substantial fines, or, in severe cases, suspension of your business license until the issue is resolved.

Professional Expertise in Grease Interceptor Maintenance

Grease interceptor pumping and cleaning demand specialized expertise and equipment, making it unsuitable for DIY projects or inexperienced plumbers. It is imperative to engage the services of a professional grease interceptor cleaning company. The Grease Company stands as your trusted partner in this regard. With years of industry experience and a dedicated team of experts, we offer comprehensive grease trap and interceptor cleaning services throughout California. Recognizing the value of your business and time, we assure you of our fast, reliable, and trusted service. Entrust your grease interceptor cleaning and repair needs to us for optimal efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.


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